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Strong Female Protagonists

Recently I’ve been watching Damages. Glenn Close and Rose Byrne drive this vehicle with a strong script and satisfying tension.

Also, check out “The Killing.” Mireille Enos will break you up inside.

"The Fall" is so troubling at times, it’s hard to recommend it. But Gillian Anderson is a powerhouse as Stella Gibson.

There’s no point to this post. I just like gritty dramas with compelling female protagonists.

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Aliens, coffee, murder, and pie

Gray light



dead girls and

diners. Warm words

and a little hope.

Come in, come in

my log would like

to tell you a secret.

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Eventually you have to whitewash your walls because people will inexplicably leave their shadows on them.

The best lovers always ruin the decor.

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"can I have another sauce?"
"they’re 25¢ extra”

I once worked in a restaurant where we (the employees) were given absolute discretion over whether or not to charge you for extra ranch or extra sauce. There wasn’t even a button for it, so we had to use our “miscellaneous food” button and type in the item and price.

If you were a polite, pleasant customer: free sauce for you!

If you were rude, an extra sauce could cost you 30 cents or more.

Since you can’t be rude back to rude customers (you will be fired) and you can’t complain to THEIR boss if they behave badly, this was the one recourse we had.

But the power - that little power we suddenly had over our fellow human beings - it corrupted us, slowly but surely. One day, I told a woman it would be 70 cents for more barbecue sauce, just because she didn’t smile at me when I greeted her. I wasn’t going to get that 70 cents, the company I hated working for would get it. I just wanted to make her pay. She didn’t even think about it for a moment, she just looked a little surprised and in a quiet voice she said, “oh. Well I guess I don’t need the extra sauce” and took her bag and walked out the door.

I saw my reflection in the face of the register, and I saw that I was a monster.

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I should write stories or plays. I was always better at prose. I only write poetry because it’s less work (or at least it takes less time) and it’s easier to get your smattering of applause.